A firm you can trust

Staab Law, P.A. is a boutique estate planning law firm located in Weston, Florida, representing individuals and families throughout the State of Florida; protecting the interest of our clients while preserving family harmony.

We specialize in the areas of Estate Planning, Estate/Gift/GST Tax Planning, Probate/Trust Administration, Estate/Trust Litigation, Real Estate, Asset Protection Planning, and Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements.

Our specialized knowledge in these areas, combined with our years of large firm experience, allows us to provide the same comprehensive and experienced legal service as the larger Florida firms, but, instead, we do so with a tailored, empathetic approach to the individual client.

Educating our clients about the pertinent facts of their situation and their legal options is of utmost importance.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are fully educated as it pertains to their legal issues, because an educated client is a satisfied client. So, we make sure that every client has the information they need to make the best possible decision for themselves and their family.

Whether you are planning your estate or administering the estate of a loved one, purchasing real estate, or navigating the challenges of a new business, the attorneys of Staab Law, P.A. are here to represent you with integrity and transparency.

What we excel in

Many law firms attempt to fit clients into predesigned plans or products without taking into account that every client has unique needs and circumstances.

At Staab Law, P.A., we understand that every client is unique and deserves high quality, customized legal representation tailored to their unique needs and situation. At Staab Law, P.A. we excel in building trusted, long-term client relationships and serving our clients with the highest of professional standards, integrity and commitment, because every client matters.